I am a designer, a craftsperson, an artist, a creative.... I am a jack of all trades, master of design. I have a love of all things creative and so I have my finger in a few pies.

I studied for 4 years at the University of Auckland's School of Visual Arts, leaving with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a creative mind that just wont stop!! Here I majored in graphic design with a focus on furniture and product design in my 4th and final year. I also took classes in jewellery, painting, drawing and web design giving me great scope when it comes to my design and art ideas. I also studied for 2 years under the amazing and talented Nanette Cameron in the Nanette Cameron School of Interior Design. I gained great knowledge of colour, textiles, kitchens, bathrooms, history, furniture, lighting and so much more. The knowledge Nanette herself has to share is truly mind blowing. I also completed a perspective drawing course and landscape design course through Te Tuhi, where Nanette's course is held.

My real passion is interior design and homewares. Fitting quite well together I not only offer my services as an Interior Designer but I can also create one off unique designs for your home.

I have a range of homewares already under my brand, alisha elizabeth, and am bringing more and more ideas and designs to my brand constantly. I currently dabble in lighting design which is an area I am currently looking at taking further as I love the effects, moods and stunning designs you can create with light. I have just recently completed a large oak branch chandelier for my entrance at home, which has been heaps of fun and has turned out amazingly. I really love natural products and so the idea of making something as manufactured as a large chandelier in a natural product really took my fancy. Check out how it turned out on my products pages.

I have a large range of cushions which change constantly and I am looking to set myself up to screen print some of my own fabrics to use. I also do a large range other homewares including, coasters, wall plaques, aprons, artwork etc and the range is always growing. Sustainability is a big thing for me and i try and strive to use sustainable practices in most areas of my business. I try to use scraps and things others have discarded for some of my work which gives a great history and also creates unique one off designs. I love to scour the second hand shops too to find old treasures people have discarded.
Doileys are a huge part of my work at the moment, i think the idea that someone has sat down and spent all that work crocheting them is a huge asset. They tell a story, who crocheted it, who did it belong to, who has used it over its lifetime, they also give that fe mine image of a woman pouring her passion into the world through her crochet hook.

I also have a real obsession with stationary and so have produced many notepads, cards, postcards, gift tags etc and am looking into creating a more permanent stationary line and developing this area further.
Even jewelry features in my line up! I have a range of pattern bangles which i make from old vintage sewing patterns, as well as ceramic brooch's, wood brooch's and other pattern based products.
You can check out some of my work on my products pages and it will give you a good feel of what my designs are like.

I love designing and creating and more importantly I love sharing it with the world.