Need a different look? Building a new home? Want your shop to really reflect your business and stand out above the rest?

I offer a full interior design service for both, residential and commercial projects. I like to think I bring a unique and interesting input to your project looking at all aspects of design, both structurally and on the surface. I can help you with all of your interior design needs, from colours and fabrics to furniture selection and lighting, right through to the design of your whole space. I have a real love and passion for design so I put my absolute heart into it. I can help with the planning and structural elements right down to choosing the colours for a feature wall or the fabric for your drapes. I also have a great knowledge of furnishings - drapes, blinds, upholstery etc, so I can ensure you not only have the right look but you also have the right products.

Want something a bit different? A couple of feature products that no one else has? I can design one off unique products for you to really give you that edge and set you
apart from everyone else. Anything from lighting to furniture and accessories.

My Graphics background also helps when looking at branding and marketing through the interior of a shop or business. Helping to look at the brand, the image, the ideal that is the business and trying to back that up and promote this to perspective clients or customers. I have the ability to work with both 2 dimensional graphics and branding and 3 dimensional structural elements to create a more unique and interesting design.

Within a home I like to look at who lives there, how they live, how they want to live and the surrounding environment. What can you see by looking out of there windows? What is near them? What parts of there home and environment do they admire and enjoy? By looking in to all these aspects I am able to really get an understanding of the people that will be living in the space and to see how they would like it to appear. I do a lot of spec homes also with my Husbands business so I also have a good knowledge of designing for a larger group, something that will sell easily, that a lot of people can relate too rather than designing to suit one person or family in particular.

Sustainability is a big part of all areas of my design career and I like to practice this and include sustainable options wherever I can. I prefer to work first and formost to a clients needs and requirements and then after that I look into how I can make that more sustainable.

I have studied for 2 years under the amazing and talented Nanette Cameron in the Nanette Cameron School of Interior Design. I gained great knowledge of colours, textiles, kitchens, bathrooms, history, furniture, lighting and so much more. The knowledge Nanette herself has to share is truly mind blowing. I also completed a perspective drawing course and landscape design course through Te Tuhi, where Nanette's course is held. I also have a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Auckland. Here I majored in graphic design with a focus on furniture and product design in my 4th and final year.

Feel free to contact me for a free 15min consultation to discuss your ideas, your needs and find out what I can do for you.